Octobers Boxes Are HERE

The Team is working on some Spooktacular Items
for Octobers Boxes! Warm colors, and all the fragrances of Fall will spice up your Holidays this year!

Octobers Boxes are Here
and Introducing
Mini boxes

The Prim Box gears up for Sept.

Were taking August off! and gearing up for the Fall Months. Offering 20 plus Full Size Items Hand Made from All over The United States! Our Fall Boxes will be on Sale Starting Sept. 3rd, and will show for sale every 3rd of the following Months. You can Purchase our Boxes ThePrimBox The Prim Box Team

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Prim Box What were all about

Welcome to The Prim Box

A place where artisans come together
and place their products and or samplings of their wares and literature
in The Prim Box!

once boxes are filled,
we place them up for sale once a month.
(see our FAQs)

This is a unique opportunity for both the customer
who purchases the box filled with many artisans hand made crafts.
And equally great for the artisans who contribute.

We call upon all Artisans
to join or be a part of our Team!

The Prim Box

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting ready for our New Look

Were getting ready for our New Look, and will be placing banner adds and Avatars of The Team Members within the month of August.

Fall is a great time for The Prim Box

May, June & Julys Boxes

Its been a while since I've Posted,
so to keep you up to date, Mays Box Sales were a total of 6
Junes were 4 and July thus far are 2

The Team has discussed and we all are in agreement that sales are slow due to the economy.
The Local Team have discussed that we will be taking August off and gearing up for Sept, Oct, Nov.

As always, we are Always looking for New Team Members.